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Debussy and His Songs – A Blog

2. A VERY STRANGE MAN? “I honestly don’t know if Debussy ever loved anybody really. He loved his music – and perhaps himself. I think he was wrapped up in his genius…. He was a very, very strange man.” —Mary Garden, who premiered Mélisande in the original production of Pelléas et Mélisande   So, how strange […]

Debussy and His Songs – A Blog

1. THE ALLURE OF THREE  There is something so satisfying about the number three. Not too much, not too little. It says it all, or somehow all that needs to be said, anyway. I was thinking about this, and about the distilled perfection of Debussy’s Chansons de Bilitis, a three-song cycle with its titillating encounter, […]

Lyric Fest Announces Argento Concert

Lyric Fest Announces Argento Concert FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media contact: Suzanne DuPlantis,    215 432 5946 Lyric Fest Announces its first of two Happy Hour and Mini Concerts ~ The songs and biography of living composer, Dominick Argento ~ celebrated on his birthday. DOMINICK ARGENTO TURNS 90 Friday, October 27th, 2017 at 5:30 PM […]

Review of Pedals, Page-Turns, and Postludes

Michael Caruso published his review of our season opener in the Chestnut Hill Local yesterday, October 2, 2017. Click here for the review. Some tidbits from the review to whet your appetite to read the whole thing: “The center of gravity for Lyric Fest’s concert was Chestnut Hill pianist Laura Ward … co-director Ward oversaw […]

A word from Suzanne and Laura about Magic…

“You know, it is probably time to remove that phrase ‘young organization’ from your Lyric Fest materials,” said a friend recently with a congratulatory smile. How did that happen? Perhaps magic had something to do with it, the kind Benjamin Britten wrote about in the Saturday Review in 1964: The magic comes when the written […]

Tom Purdom reviews “It’s Elementary”

Tom Purdom’s review of It’s Elementary was published yesterday in the Broad Street Review. Here are a few brief quotes to entice you to follow the link (click here) so you can read the whole, elegantly written, review. The lineup’s 21 songs were distributed among four appealing young vocalists. Soprano Meryl Dominguez and tenor Jonas […]

Press coverage of “Music in the White House”

“Music in the White House” presented on January 28 and 29, 2017, received two write-ups in the local press. Ronnie Polaneczky, writing for the Philadelphia Inquirer “Speaking with feet, hearts, and voices” (Article) Excerpt: […] about 250 Philadelphians on the other side of town were moved to tears during a Rittenhouse Square concert called “Music […]


4. Music hath charms… The year was 1914 and the world stood on the brink of its first World War. Woodrow Wilson had just held a formal diplomatic dinner for the Central Powers at the White House. Harpist Melville Clark had provided the music for the evening. And this is what happened at the end of […]


3. Today, A Dirge Need I say more?  I need not, but I think I will. Abraham Lincoln (O Captain, my Captain) loved opera. His favorite one was Flotow’s “Martha.” He loved it so very much that he had it staged for his inauguration. So, on this day, so full of precedence and history, I give you […]